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Kids Ministry at Redemption
Please fill out the survey below to help us start the discussion on the future of kids ministry at Redemption.
Going forward, on Sundays do you want kids to leave the sanctuary for a Sunday School lesson like we have been doing?
If the answer to the previous question was "Yes," are you willing to be a teacher/helper/leader to make it possible?
Do you prefer (or are you okay with) kids in kindergarten and above simply staying in church services with their parents the whole time?
If there are no Sunday School lessons for kids at church, this assumes parents are taking it upon themselves to teach their kids about faith at home. Are you comfortable with that?
If elementary-age kids stay in service, would you like to see them having a bigger role in the sevice? (Doing scripture readings, lighting the candle, helping with communion, etc.)
Would you like to be on a small team that makes up a plan for the future of kids ministry at Redemption? (This does not mean you're volunteering to be a teacher or lead kids ministry on Sundays. It is a group to decide what kids ministry on Sundays will look like.)

Thank you! I can't wait to check out what you said.

- Susan 

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